torsdag den 7. juli 2011

New life - new blog :-)

So I have "reinvented" my old Whoopsy Daisy blog, this time in english so my english speaking friends can understand it too.

And why this crazy name ?

The dictionary explains as follow:

"The first use of "whoops-a-daisy" per se is around 1925, in a New Yorker cartoon. It's an expression of surprise or dismay, specifically upon discovering one's own error. The modern-day equivalent would be "D'oh!", I'm afraid, which is much less expressive. The term was shortened to "whoops" by 1937, and appears in that form in a letter by Ezra Pound, no less. One assumes that it was related to the expression "to whoop," as in giving "whoops of joy." That usage goes back to the early 1600s."

In the 1999 film Notting Hill, Hugh Grant's character falls over, saying 'whoops a daisies'. Julia Roberts' character then says:
"No one has said 'whoops a daisies' for fifty years and even then it was only little girls with blonde ringlets."
In Danish I guess we would say "op-sa-dasse", something you would say to others or yourself, when one self or life trippes you up.

Sometimes you make mistakes - that may be when scrapbooking or in other things - and very often I find, that this is where I learn new things. Don't worry about mistakes - make the best of them and enjoy :-)

This blog will be filled with scrapbooking, cards and other paper project, mixed with random thoughts and other inspirational things.

Today I will leave you with this LO that I made at the last Friskolescrap. Gitte gave me a challenge:
use ribbon, beige, white, silver and 1 other optional color + the barcode from a piece of designer paper.

I love this combination - and I love the collage of pictures that Benedikte has made.


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  1. Op-sa-dasse! Ja... Jeg bruger det rigtig tit i mit arbejde. Dejligt du har lavet en ny blog så man stadig har mulighed for at følge med i hvad du får lavet af flotte ting :-D